Kylie called me Alfie. (I think she just likes to sing the Alfie song.) I am a very handsome white Bichon Frise.

In February 2020, when I was very tiny (and of course very cute!), and it was Kylie’s 40th birthday, Kylie became “my human”. I was taken to live in a small apartment at Zetland. It was near a park, so we could go out there and I could meet other dogs, but we had to stay away from people because it was the start of something our humans called “COVID-19”.

Not much later we moved to a bigger apartment. My lovely lady, Kylie, couldn’t get help to teach me good manners during this “COVID-19”, so I’m a bit of a reactive character – to noisy skateboards, and to old ladies who, when they look at me, look threatening to me! I have a very loud bark (we small dogs must ‘speak up’ for ourselves!). And Kylie is quick to stop me even thinking about nipping people’s heels, though people slopping by in thongs do have interesting heels… 🧐

COVID-19 was pretty hard for us both, actually. It was a time when many people working from home showed up with dogs at the park. I was very nervous about a big dog who lived next door as his humans didn’t control him very well. Every time he went in and out of his door, I’d jump up and make a lot of noise. I had to protect my family! Fortunately, one day they just disappeared! Poof! Vanished! 💨 Kylie says they “moved away” so she isn’t having to worry about me quite so much anymore. I was much more nervous and noisier back then, but now, at four and a half, I’m a big boy, so I’m calmer (mostly 🤭).

Although the garage… Well, I don’t like the big expanse of open area where people suddenly appear from between cars or through doors or something. As you can imagine, I’m somewhat famous around our apartment block.

We live near Sydney Park, which is a great place to run free and speed around in big circles and do zoomies – sniffing the air and chatting up other puppies. 

Because Kylie has a disability, I have been recognised as an Assistance Dog through an organisation called MindDogs. I have a trainer called Jason. Boy, is he tough! But when I’m wearing my yellow and blue MindDogs Assistance Dog jacket, I behave super well and really am a good boy. I take my job seriously. Kylie reminds people who want to pat me that even though I’m handsome, cute, and irresistibly cuddly, when I’m wearing my jacket, I’m working – so patting is definitely out! And I’m really good at my job!

I have been to many interesting places with my Kylie – though it does get boring at times. My resume would probably include a list of places I’ve slept at or functions I’ve dozed through – like the Opera House, Government House, the NSW Parliament, noisy concerts, conferences, meetings, church services – and many more!

But even when I’m snoozing, I’m always on the alert – one ear resting on Kylie’s leg, or stretched out waiting for the next move – and especially when there’s a suggestion there might be a treat in the offering! (Kylie’s Mum always has treats in her pocket or her bag; I’m good at sometimes sneaking my nose into small bags to free up the treats! 🤫)  

And I’m especially alert when I have my seat belt on in the back of the car. The other day we went through a long, long tunnel. Kylie saw a sign that said ‘Refresh air’ – and she thought I could read as almost straight away I whimpered and panted until they turned the air conditioning on. Mmmmm, refreshed air 🤤…

My Kylie has a lot going on right now. And, well, if Kylie can be a Wonder Woman these days, I must be a Wonder Dog too!

Well, that’s my story so far. I do hope to meet you at one of Kylie’s upcoming events! To see where she’s speaking (and where Kylie is, Alfie is!), head to Kylie’s Media & Events Page.

Until then, it’s a woof, woof from me!


Alfie 🐾

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