Kylie, photo by Down Syndrome Australia

Kylie Scott – Professional Speaker | Advocate | Artist

“I have a dream that people with disability will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by their disability, but by their ability”

Kylie Scott

Kylie is a professional public speaker who shares the experiences of people living with Down syndrome. Over the years, she has represented people with intellectual disabilities on various councils and committees. Currently, she is the NSW Representative on the Down Syndrome Australia (DSA) Down Syndrome Advisory Network (DSAN).

See Kylie’s presentation, ‘Improving Engagement with People with Intellectual Disability.’ This speech was screened and made an exhibit of the Royal Commission into into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (EXHIBIT 4-1.01 – NSW.9999.0002.0001):


Recently, Kylie participated in the Photovoice project. The Photovoice project involves photos taken by people with intellectual disability, which show the contributions they make to their family, friends, their community and our planet. Kylie’s photos have been displayed as part of the gallery event, which recently featured on 9News.

This exciting project seeks to uncover the contributions made to society by people with intellectual disability. This work is part of a larger research project aiming to develop ways of measuring these contributions, as they are a big factor in quality of life for people with and without disability. Read more here.

Recently, Kylie recorded a talk for Project GROW on intellectual disability health training. Project GROW is run by Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network (CESPHN). You can learn more about the training sessions on intellectual disability here.

Before the 2022 federal election, Kylie spoke on how to vote with the rights of people with disabilities in mind. Hear what Kylie has to say about defending the NDIS.

Kylie speaking on defending the NDIS for the upcoming May 2022 federal election.
Dylan Alcott OAM hugging Kylie Scott

For World Down Syndrome Day (21 March 2022), Kylie was flown to Melbourne to be on a panel at Inclusion Foundation’s Chairman’s Lunch, at the MCG with Dylan Alcott OAM (2022 Australian of the Year); Cate Sayers (Founder and Director of Inclusion Foundation), and Brian Cook (CEO, Carlton Football Club). The panel discussion addressed ‘How do leaders champion inclusion?’

Kylie Scott and the other panellists of Inclusion Foundation/Carlton Football Club

This event launched a partnership between the Inclusion Foundation and the Carlton Football Club. The partnership aims to increase awareness of the Inclusion Foundation’s programs, and to raise vital funds to support the inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

Also recently, Kylie attended a World Down Syndrome Day afternoon tea at Parliament House NSW. The tea was hosted by the NSW Minister for Families and Communities and Minister for Disability Services, the Hon. Natasha Mclaren-Jones.

Following other speakers, the Sydney Swans AFL CEO Tom Harley confirmed the new 3-year partnership with the Down Syndrome Association of NSW. Kylie is pictured with Tom here.


In December 2021, Kylie was a guest speaker on The Drum. This came after her involvement in the Limb Family Foundation’s report, ‘Reaching Potential – Experiences of Young People with Significant Intellectual Disability.’ Statistics from this report were quoted on The Drum. Kylie spoke with host Ellen Fanning about her experiences, and her passion to speak up for others living with intellectual disability. The report can be read here.

Kylie on the Drum

Kylie has run Kylie Downs Barriers since 2015. Learn how she became a business owner and self-advocate in this article. The article was published by Down Syndrome Association Network (DSAN).

You can read the article online here or on the DSAN website here, which includes Easy Read mode.

In June 2021, Kylie participated as a self-advocate in consultations organised by Inclusion International. She met other self-advocates from around the world over Zoom to discuss deinstitutionalisation. Deinstitutionalisation is reversing the past isolation of people with disabilities in institutions, and giving them choice over where and how they live. You can read Inclusion International’s Global Self-Advocate Report 2021, ‘Closing Institutions and Living in the Community’ here.

In January 2021, Kylie was featured in the Concord Rotary Channel editorial.

(Tap on the link below to read about Kylie on pages 5-6.)

Page of Concord Channel featuring Kylie


Kylie has presented at conferences, seminars and workshops for various organisations, including Sydney Local Health District and Rotary. She covers topics such as:

My journey with disability

Kylie knows what it’s like to be a square peg in a round hole! Her biographical speech gives insight into the ups and downs of living with Down syndrome, and how we can better engage with people living with intellectual disability. Watch excerpt:

The Baggage We Carry

Kylie’s advocacy for the intellectual disability community continues. In 2021, Kylie spoke at the Dubai World Down Syndrome Congress about the 17 Key Rights in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD). Unfortunately, the CRPD is adopted but not sufficiently recognised in Australia. Kylie explained how recognising 11 of the 17 Articles would make her feel much more included. Watch excerpt:

A step by step guide to understand and help us

Many people living with intellectual disability want their voices to be heard. Learn from Kylie how you can help empower people like her in your community. Watch excerpt:

Non-invasive pregnancy tests (NIPT)

Did you know that 90% of pregnancies diagnosed with Down syndrome are now terminated? Today, parents are still not necessarily given a referral to a counsellor or other services to learn about Down syndrome.

Hear what Kylie has to say about the NIPT, from her perspective as a person with Down syndrome. Watch excerpt:

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Hear how the NDIS is helping Kylie to live a full and independent life. Watch excerpt:

These talks are suitable for conferences, corporate training, employment agencies, community organisations and other workplaces.


Dr Ellen Skladzien, CEO of Down Syndrome Australia

“It was a privilege to have the opportunity to co-present with Kylie on the Down Syndrome Advisory Network. This presentation was part of a series of presentations for international Down syndrome organisations. It was an opportunity for other organisations to learn about the work we are doing on self-advocacy. We had some great feedback about the presentation, and Kylie’s involvement was integral to its success.”

Teresa Anderson – Chief Executive, Sydney Local Health District

“Kylie is an inspirational public speaker. Kylie is passionate about voicing the rights of people with disabilities, and is able to do so in an articulate, humorous and relatable way that really resonated with the staffing the Sydney Local Health District."

Louise Farrell – Director of Priority Programs Unit, Ministry of Health

“Thank you for coming to our event to celebrate the International Day of People with Disability [at the Ministry of Health]. Your talk was great and showed us the hard things you have faced with your managers and other workers. It helped us all to think about how we engage with people with disability and how we can make sure we have a more diverse workplace.”

Dr Jacqueline Small, President of Australian Association of Developmental Disability Medicine

“Kylie was part of the formal opening of our Australian Association of Developmental Disability Medicine 2018 conference. She spoke eloquently and passionately as a person with Down syndrome and ensured that people with disability were at the forefront of our conference."