My Gallery

Welcome to my world of vibrant colours! I invite you to explore my gallery, where each brushstroke tells a story of resilience, creativity, and joy. Join me on this journey of discovery and support my passion by bringing a piece of my unique perspective into your home. Thank you for embracing the artistry within us all.

Trisomy 21 March 2024

This is my latest creation. I used tube paint blobs for this and no brushes. The story behind this dot painting is about the extra copy I have of chromosome 21. That's why you can see three pink dots, representing Trisomy 21.

After Everything COVID ...We're Still Standing !! 2023

This painting represents the idea of a strong wind swiping COVID away. The island represents the isolation we were required to have. I wanted to show different people - and animals as well - because we all went through hard times.

COVID Seasons 2022

In this painting I wanted to capture that we all went through the four seasons during COVID times - autumn, winter, spring and summer.

Rainbow Dog 2022

This painting is about my dog Alfie. One day we were staring at each other and he kind of told me his dreams about jumping and flying over the rainbow to get to walk freely to the city. He seems to enjoy watching the movie Wizard of Oz, especially the song 'Somewhere over the rainbow’.

Save Our Koalas 2020

This painting aims to capture what was going on in the country by the end of 2019, with the bushfires occurring. Also I remember that I visited the NSW Parliament House, and when I walked outside there was a big protest going on, people calling out 'Save our koalas' really loud.

Sunflowers in France 2018

This painting follows my holiday in France that year. I painted it at the beginning of my holiday with an art teacher, 'en plein air’, meaning i was in the outdoors looking at what i was painting. There is a church at the back and sunflower fields all around it. To me it just captures the moment, that's all.

1960s and 1970s Surf Board 2016

I wanted to symbolise the hippie movement in a surf board. and also a 'psychedelic style’ of waves - the green and red ones. The background is supposed to be the sand at the beach, but I didn't want to do it in its common color, but more in a hippier color style.

Sky Fall 2014

I was inspired by a leaf falling down from the sky. It appears over an imaginary city painted in a spontaneous sort of coloring technique.

Auburn Graffiti 2013

This is like people doing artwork in Newtown nowadays. It symbolises in a bad way that although graffiti is illegal, in a good way it wants to capture how people display their art in the community.

Old Fashioned Church 2005

The layers inside the building represent the texture of the walls of the church. and tries to symbolize or capture the sun that can be reflected in a golden wall. For me it represents the impression that God has made.

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